Have you purchased gorgeous statement necklaces and earrings and you really don’t have a great way to store them. For the most part they end up in a tangled pile on top of your dresser. You have spent too many coins on these pieces for them to just be thrown in a pile where you can’t really see what you have.

Designating a space for your accessories will help you keep up with everything and keep you from losing smaller pieces. It will also help keep your pieces streamlined and visually appealing. Be sure to store your pieces by accessory type. You can store your items in clear storage boxes, trays, and jewelry stands.

Here are few cute but practical ways to store your accessories.

Catch All Trays

I use catchall trays to store my smaller pieces like earrings and bracelets. These cute marble catch all trays from Brownstone Closets are my absolute favorites. These trays help me keep up my smaller items and I'm also able to easily see what I have.

Jewelry Stands

Show off those gorgeous statement necklaces and earrings by displaying them on jewelry stands. The necklace and bracelet stands I have in my closet are really inexpensive and they help give my closet that boutique-style appearance I like.

Command Hooks

I display my necklaces by hanging them on the back of my closet door using Command hooks. You can also find a space in your closet to hang a pegboard or a fabric covered cork board and hang your necklaces on it. 

Acrylic Shoe Boxes

Acrylic shoe boxes are not just for storing shoes. I use them to keep up with my sunglasses. Before using these boxes you could find a pair in just about any room in the house.

These are just a few of my favorite storage options. What are some of the ways you store and organize your accessories? Let me know in the comments. You can also reach out to me on social media.


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