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House of Charlotte Boutique is a clothing and accessories brand for the fashionably chic woman on the move. House of Charlotte is curated with the most stylish pieces to help women step up their wardrobe game. We believe the right accessories can be an absolute confidence booster. We strive to provide you with quality, yet affordable pieces that will definitely give you the boost you desire. We believe fashion should be fun, so we work hard to find quality pieces that make experimenting with fashionable, trendy pieces easy. Welcome to House of Charlotte! We hope you enjoy the experience! Trust us, it will be an experience (an amazing one :))! 


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Hi, I'm Kheushla Powe, the woman behind House of Charlotte Boutique!

I'm an engineer, blogger, and entrepreneur who started House of Charlotte to share my love of all things fashion and also as a tribute to my late mother (Charlotte).  Be sure to check out my lifestyle blog SouthernDivaKP.  Connect with me on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook) @southerndivakp.