It's officially Fall. While the season has started, the weather feels like it’s the middle of July. Figuring out what to wear when the weather is flip flopping back and forth can be downright frustrating.

Here are some pieces you should add (or may already have) to your closet to easily transition to Fall. Each piece listed below is more of a staple/essential piece. If you stock your closet with staple/essential pieces instead of the more trendy pieces, the less problems you'll have finding something to wear each day.


A great blazer is a wardrobe staple you definitely have in your closet. A great blazer is one of those pieces you should splurge a little on.



Ponchos/Cardigans A cute poncho or cardigan are perfect for layering on those days where it is cool in the mornings and hot as the crap in the afternoons.



Closed brown cardigan


White Stuff long sleeve tee
$25 -


Frame blue jeans
$135 -


Jimmy Choo leather ankle boots


Scarves You don’t want to wear a poncho? Or you think a cardigan is boring? Try a cute scarf instead.

Denim Jacket This is another staple piece you should have in your closet anyway. It’s a classic piece that never goes out of style.

Ankle Boots There’s absolutely nothing like a great pair of boots.  And the way these boney legs are set up ankle boots are my favorite. A great, classic pair of ankle boots are also staples that you should splurge a little on.


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